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10 Different Colombian Guys You Might Bump with in Bogota

10 Different Colombian Guys You Might Bump with in Bogota

This post is inspired in different reports about family who possess dated Colombian guys staying in Bogota and also have reach me personally finding techniques or simply to gossip around. Dear visitors, according to these stories is reality that Colombian dudes are particularly special and encourage want to foreigners, have become men and sweet. Perhaps you will realize why here the danger was wanting to stay… With a Colombian guy.

Below I resume the 10 forms of colombian dudes you might find any time you are available looking for a regional complete skills it doesn’t matter if you will be working for a personal volunteering, in private-enterprise or touring around:

1. “Los Barristas” (The Football Fanatics). You may identify them since they’re always using a regional soccer team jersey. Their particular basic worry is how to become a ticket for subsequent games, they stood you upwards needless to say if you ready a date exactly the same day’s the match! Think about whenever the nationwide personnel takes on … their own love for soccer is really huge they also list their particular sons with famous colombian members’ labels, for example “James Danilo” or “Falcao Jair” or straightforward “James Falcao”. Thus after you recognize to date or get married this 1, accept furthermore your future kid’s label.

2. “El pinta” (the favorable browsing chap) In straightforward statement: papasito! The extremely style, the one which never ever wear the wrong method because he or she is constantly around! His hair slashed, okay brand names and beautiful smile. Constantly smells close. He will probably flirt right from the start and state pretty things such as your own laugh, the pretty face, the manner in which you look to your… Ain’t best that you date a “papirriqui”? (tasty guy).

3. “El Mamerto o Hippie” (The radicals). They love to be engaged with personal factors, are always focused on the planet, the pets, the global heating, the personal improvement and so on. Positive side: these are generally superconscious, i believe that’s close, but in excess can be furthermore irritating if you should be hearing complains about everything always. If you have belief in their combat, prepare yourself getting internally in a protest over Seventh method (Avenida Septima) in Bogota!

4. “El Amarrado” (The Stingy). He’s usually analyzing the price of anything. In case you are thinking up to now this 1, you should be diligent but don’t bring him for purchasing! That might be discouraging, you’ll be with practically nothing on your own palms because “everything is costly and does not worth”. He’s making time for every quick details when it comes to revenue. He’ll actually request you to divide the balance at your birthday celebration, or even even worse, you will end up buying the two of you. The guy does not make a difference about other’s funds, merely his.

5. “La mole” (The Gym partner). Is extremely sexy revealing useful link his incredible washboard. Is certainly not too usual to see your across the roads, in case you receive the opportunity to see one will blow your mind! What exactly is his everyday worry? Ways to be healthy (keep are fit!) and healthier. What’s your own focus? Not to ever exceed the 1268 unhealthy calories a day! Big date one of this and begin slimming down! PS: he will probably push one wake-up for running early in the morning.

6. “El Intenso” (The Intense Man). Here in Colombia one can find this sort of man that is particularly amusing. What’s happening with your? He’s just enthusiastic about your. He can search for you-all time very long and his awesome disposition is determined by that, therefore don’t be surprised should you bump into this type of man who’s usually focused on you. What’s his issue? “No transmission” notice on his cell!! Be ready to own an unannounced see with blossoms, chocolate and teddy bears. Do you know what? He won’t call it quits.

7. “El Marrano” (usually the one Millon money guy). This is the man that is prepared to give you what you require, even speaing frankly about of intangible facts. He’s chock-full of costs and also in fee of make payment on meal, theatre, gift ideas, every little thing. After you date this “Marrano”, you certainly will forget about you should hold your wallet. How individuals will call you? The One Which “Marranea”.

8. “El Perro” (The Flirtatious Man – “The Dog”). He could be the one that will make you fall in admiration as you check their lips, a great energy in the mouth area. Every time he starts their throat girls cannot stop. Are very amusing, super easygoing, is in fact brilliant in route the guy interacts with women. What’s his focus? None, he can get what the guy desires. What’s your own? “Does the guy love myself or perhaps is it simply a passenger love”?

9. “El Picado” (The Present). This is basically the typical chap who is always wanting to inspire others by showing the pretty factors the guy posses. The guy shimmers the companies he makes use of or even the moves he really does. Whenever dating, may be fascinating to start their industry up for new things but at some point you’ll receive annoyed should you don’t express his enthusiasm about showing or “flying” that beats all others.

10. “El Gordito” (The Chubby Guy). He or she is a very good chap. Is searching for something new to eat along with his lives encircles newer products encounters. Have you been an adventurous female and like Colombia? Day this person, (my personal advise), a Colombian snacks partner, the one that won’t deny you latest foodie knowledge as well as another world into not known dining and edibles parading’s. He’s normally in a beneficial temper and then try to end up being positive about lifestyle. What’s their concern? “What’s newer for nowadays?”. What’s your own website? “Jesus, i really like him but I must stop eating like your!!”.

Note! Regarding date a latin american man, Colombians are the most effective, these are generally amusing, amusing, and understand perfectly tips trick a lady (in a great way: make certain they are fall in love), these are typically nice, sweet, conscious, romantic… Put differently a fantastic latin devotee!

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