11 Usual Lebanese Arabic Expressions You Would Merely Discover in Lebanon

11 Usual Lebanese Arabic Expressions You Would Merely Discover in Lebanon

If you’ve ever moved or lived in Lebanon, you would has undoubtedly come upon these 11 usual Lebanese Arabic expressions that you willn’t notice anywhere else in this field. These Lebanese words and phrases are used generally on the list of Lebanese individuals present their own thinking, and also you would have to be soaked from inside the Lebanese culture to essentially see all of them.

Ouf shu taybe

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Any time you consider translating they, ouf shu taybe means it tastes close, whenever discussing a meal or a drink.

Utilizing this term in Lebanon in an equivalent circumstances will show your large admiration for just what you’ve been supported and that you love it making the host think extremely delighted and happier.


Habibe suggests a?my dearest’ or a?my beloved’ in Lebanese. In Lebanon, we incorporate habibe with people man or woman, so we almost add it to every sentence.

For example, we state – Hello habibe! Exactly how are you habibe? Could you become me a glass of liquids, kindly habibe?

Min ouyoune

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In literal interpretation minute ouyoune ways a?from my personal attention’. In Lebanon once you query some body for things of course, if she or he replies with a?min ouyoune’, then your people is actually letting you know that he/she certainly will take action with delight.

Using it is quite good an individual requires that do something for them, you create your partner feeling appreciated.Continue reading