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Writing a Lab Report

ok so I wanted to show you guys a little bit about how to write my report and so you guys have this document I’ve shared it with you and so this is how your lab report will be graded and so it has all the points breakdown adds up to 100 all kind of good stuff so title and self-explanatory abstract so an abstract is an overall summary of your entire paper so we’re going to go back and show you I’ll show you how to kind of do that introduction has all of your background information purpose and hypothesis some students like to put these three things in bowl so that it’s being out in their paper and I’m sure to find it other students just write it like a regular paragraph that’s fine whatever format you prefer a fine materials and procedure is this is usually a list of things used in the lab and the steps that you took in the lab and although I usually give you a lab procedure that I recommend some students change it along the way or make changes in like the amount of a substance that they added and so you needed any kind of changes in the procedures you need to document their in your paper results data collection this is any type of table that you take your data down and any kind of percent error calculations that you might do any kind of naughty stuff would all be in this conclusions and discussion this is where you take all that result stuff and actually think about it so results in data collection you might write a few sentences just like this is what we found kind of stuff but you’re not going to analyze it you’re going to save all analysis for the conclusion and discussion so any kind of time that you are drawing conclusions it should only be in this section of your paper it should never ever be in the results section a lot of students must set up the questions section is for new questions that you have it’s not for answering any question that is posed two in the lab all the questions that I posed to you in the lab should be answered in your conclusions and discussion discussion section this section for questions is what new questions do you have now that you’ve done this experiment we’re excited and of course grammar punctuation spelling okay so you have recently completed your a macromolecule lab and so when you go to write your paper strategy all my all my sections first and then I go back and write introduction interior that’s another word for procedures either way is fine go so your title should be a create a unique title that is explanatory but not as there is like lab one okay so we did investigating our investigation of so this is my title you might come up with something completely different some students do something a little you know cutesy that’s fine as long as it is that it is as one of its informative so the extract just looks first in my paper I’m going to just put in some City and I’m going to come back to that later your abstract should be no longer than eight sentences and it’s just an overall summary you’re not doing a whole lot of detail here you’re not giving a whole lot of information it’s just a brief snapshot of what the lab was about the introduction though is very different from an introduction that you write an english class and English you write an introduction is maybe eight sentences long it’s very brief but an introduction in a science paper is very lengthy and it explains pretty much everything about the background of the lab and so again we had background information we had and our hypothesis so in this section of the paper you should have a lot of citation and so that means that any time that you write down something that you had to find out from somewhere whether it was you found it out in class or from a book or something you should be sighting your work and so as we start off with that gun information and we talk about that macro macro molecules are carbon-based molecules you that love you ok just a scent whatever you want whatever stuff but I had to learn somewhere that macromolecules are carbon-based molecules they help their part of cells that carry out life processes and so I have to strike my book okay so APA format you have the author’s last name and a comma in the year of publication if you are exciting a website it’s somewhere but it’s the title of the website and with an author is listed and again the year of publication and so all information that you are writing down that you found somewhere else needs to be cited you will not get credit for portions of your paper that are clearly site like should be cited if you don’t actually cite them that’s plagiarism at that point and so it should just be a zero on the paper but instead i’m just going to take out off points for that section so a purpose sometimes the purpose is given to you in the lab sometimes not so sometimes you have to think about that a little bit and your head office is from texas just an observation sometimes it’s an is then statement either format is fine materials and methods adjourned you tend myself materials and you can just you know okay sometimes you didn’t quantities get it tested results you wrote a lot of these results down in your lab manual or your lab notebooks already and so if you want to take a picture of those tables and insert them there or if you want to make a photocopy you can and so you’ve already done those results and that’s fine your discussion was identical okay also in your results section I didn’t mention this earlier but I have here a data manipulation so basically sometimes you have table data that can be dressed and so changing that data from a table into a picture they’ll also be in the results section however I don’t think we have that graphing in this particular lab the discussion section is basically looks like that you all the tables from your results and your hypothesis statements and make connections between them ok so the longest parts of your paper should be the background information that should be probably about a page type and then the discussion should also be quite lengthy again about a page type materials and methods things like that that might be fairly short results depending on the length of the lab and the type of lab involves I’ll be there very amount we’re excited you should always always always cite your textbook there’s calling no labs that we will ever do that you will not set your textbook in but also to use any online resources and please be mindful about the types of online resources you use Wikipedia is not a valid source so you need to use good science sources in order to have a valid we’re excited typically I expect about three citations for lab report but again you might have more you might have less but three is usually a good number to shoot for okay so if you have questions about Oh back to the abstract so again I said that your background information is going to be about a page your discussion is going to be about a page and they’re all commenting about the connection between your results and your hypothesis so then after you’ve written your whole paper you’re going to go back to your abstract and basically quickly summarize the entire lab again no longer than eight sentences okay so hope this is kind of useful if you have questions email me okay beeping guys like

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